What is PPC

PPC audit is an analysis of ads of the new client as well as an existing client, which is essential to ensure you’re maximizing efficiency across their ads accounts.

PPC audits are essential for maintaining and optimizing your Google Ads accounts. It is recommended that you should conduct an audit every month or every time when you start managing a new account to ensure every account is optimized to its full potential.

We always try to deliver insights into your competitive landscape and so that you can improve your performance and business.

Process of PPC Audit

Although every unique client engagement is important, so we follow a few steps for pay per click (PPC) audit process that has succeeded.

1. Client Action Review
Help to understand the goals of your pay per click account and campaigns.

2. Baseline Data Collection
Track of campaign to get the best data collection.

3. PPC Account Analysis
We did a review of your account and campaigns.analysis of current/past analytics/tracking data, campaign settings, keyword research and analysis, ad copy, and evaluation/analysis of landing pages.

4. Recommendations Report
Never-before-seen insights into your account and campaign performance with actionable recommendations for improvement.

Importance of PPC audit

With the help of this audit, you can make the best road map for your business, because with the help of a PPC audit you can analyze customer activity and his interest in your product and services.

  • Cost control:- it very helps full in cost control.
  • Best targeting:- you can do the best audience targeting which is help full for conversion.
  • Time-saving:- it is the time saving


It a very useful technique for any business model because any businessman can analyze audience responses about his product and service and then can make the best road map.